07/11/08 - Thairath News

Bui Donates One Million to Tsunami Children

Kind angel, BUi porntip Nakhirunkanok Simon, donated to assist underprivileged children, orphaned from the tsunami, at Yoawavit School in Pang-nga Province. July 8, Bui visited the children in Pang-nga and arrived carrying toys and clothing for them. Her most generous gesture was upon hearing that the children had no transportation to school she donated a check to Yoawavit School in the amount of one million Baht to purchase a school bus.

Although it’s been almost three years since the tsunami Bui still worries about the children. On this recent visit she was very please to see them happy. While visiting she collected information and will consult with her Angels Wings Foundation team on ways to provide further assistance. Her emphasis is on the education because she believes that it is the most important thing in

helping build the future. Bui discussed a scholarship program for children who have good grades but do not have the funds to attend a unoversity. The scholarship would provide the funds to attend the university and upon the student’s graduation they would return to their own District to teach.

Bui mentioned that when her son, Nong Sean, is older she will bring him to help teach the nderprivileged children. Sean loves languages and can speak English, French, Spanish and Thai. Most importantly to Bui is for her son to be involved with charity work and continue the work of her Angels Wings Foundation in the future. Sean showed his charity spirit when he asked his mom when she went to visit the children in Pang-nga, “Why do you go help alone; why don’t you take me to help you?” She explained to him that he might be too tired. Sean responded right away by saying, “If you are not tired then I am not tired.” How wonderful!