11/1/04 - Thairath

Porntip “Bui” Nakhirunkanok Simon became an angel to Thai children, as she visited Thailand with husband Herb Simon. On August 3, 2004 they traveled to Northern Thailand to donate a two-story school building with school supplies. This she funded from her personal account, totaling more than four million Baht. The new school replaces a dilapidated building in Ban Arkoo and Ampur Mae Fa luangin Chiang Rai.

The school, located on a mountain, required approximately an hour’s drive, and allowed the couple to observe the daily lives of villagers from Mae Salong Hill to Ban Toued Chai in Ampur Mae fa luang. They were both extremely impressed by the warm welcome from the school children. Bui said she was proud that she had the opportunity to successfully follow her dream. She has wanted to build a school for some time now and dedicated this one to Her Royal Highness – the Princess Mother’s project. The children were very enthusiastic to study and she wanted to provide them with the opportunity.

The new school building was particularly difficult to build, owing to the muddy road. Located on a high mountain with muddy soil as road, the building machines could not be transported to the building site. The construction process had to be done by hand. Last year, before the building was complete, Herb volunteered to survey the land for Bui, who was then pregnant. Although he didn’t speak a word of Thai, Herb wanted to carry out Bui’s wish and that has made her love him even more. He was astounded when he saw the school. His experience in Thailand has helped Bui in lending her complete spiritual and financial support to complete the project. They set up Angels Wings Foundation to raise funds from the United States for the purpose of building schools in Thailand. Bui has always wanted to give back to her home country and she will continue to help the society. She would like to focus on education because of its importance in bringing a better future for children.