08/05/05 - Thairath

P’Bui Gives Out Scholarships

Porntip Bui Nakhirunkanok Simon, affectionately known as the Thai Cinderella, will always be revered for her thoughtfulness and compassion toward the tsunami survivors in the southern part of Thailand.

On August 8, Bui showed her continued concern for these victims by donating 1.6 million Baht toward full scholarships to students in the three affected provinces who have excellent grades and ambitious goals. The Thailand Preservation Organization is helping her execute this mission.

Bui’s generous effort to help the people affected by the tsunami includes donating new homes for 50 families, building boats for local fisherman, and now another essential- education. “These people have endured so much and need our help. I hope these scholarships will ensure a future for these kids, because they are our country’s greatest asset,” the charity founder said at the donation ceremony.

Ms. Waisameerau Mae, a freshman from Songklanakrarin University in Pattanee Province and one of the scholarship winners, was chosen to speak for the other recipients. She expressed her gratitude and said she plans to study hard and one day teach in her home community. Adding that most children in her province are unable to read or write, she said her goal is to make a difference in their lives. Waisameerau also emphasized that it is everyone’s duty to do something valuable with their education to help the country.