06/06/05 - Thairath

Bui Gives Back to the Country

Bui returns home and immediately started helping people. We first saw her publicly as the judge for the Miss Universe 2005 pageant; but off stage she was donating six million Baht to the Royal Thai Police to build homes for the tsunami survivors at Ban Prutiew. While attending the housing donation ceremony, Bui also took the time to visit all 50 homes that her Angels Wings foundation built. With Bui’s influence, the two-bedroom housing project took a mere 28 days to complete.

Bui’s beauty extends beyond her physic. She is also beautiful in spirit. In addition to donating the 50 homes, Bui arrived with refrigerators and air conditioning and some basic necessities as a house warming gift for every home. But it was her heart felt speech that deeply touched everyone. “I care about everyone here. I am so pleased to be here to personally see the completion of your new homes. But my commitment doesn’t end today. I realize that your problems are going to take more than months to over come. Realistically, it will take years. I will continue to do my part. And know that there are people out there in the world that care about your plight and the condition of our country”, Bui sincerely expressed.

During her visit, Bui took the time to speak with very home owner. The overall feeling from the community was that she had given them more than generous “things”. It was her thoughtfulness that brought them joy. Once Bui heard that, her response was that it is everyone’s responsibility to help those in despair when faced with the chance. I am so relieved to see them smiling- it is far better than witnessing the crying.

Before Bui left, the community asked her to name their housing project. Without thinking she pronounced, “Home of the Brave”; for the villagers who not only survived the tsunami but had the courage to rebuild their lives.

If giving out homes was not dutiful enough, the next day Bui also took the time to visit disable children at The Foundation for Assistance and Rehabilitation for Disabled Persons. It was brought to Bui’s attention, that the children have been writing numerous letters to various news papers and stations requesting to meet her. Without disappointing, Bui was able to carve out some time in her tight schedule to fulfill their wish.

In true form, Bui arrived baring gifts: plush toys, education supplies, and Nestle ice-cream for every child. There is no wonder why she is loved by all children. It was angelic how she interacted with every child giving them all hugs and words of encouragement. She even helped feed most of them since many where unable to use their hands. Watching the children laugh as she compassionately chatted with them gives us no doubt that Bui really loves children.