03/01/05 - Thairath

Porntip “Bui” Nakhirunkanok may have moved to the United States some time ago but her heart still has a soft spot for Thailand. When she knows that children in Thailand are in need of help she comes flying, as President of Angels Wings Foundation, to the rescue with more than just money.

While her 15 month-old son Sean was sick, her husband Mr. Herb Simon gave her the freen light to go out to southern Thailand and help Tsunami victims, as she promised, with 20 million Baht. On February 25, Bui gave the first 6 million Bath to the Royal Thai Police for use on a permanent housing project at Ampur Takuapa in Phang Nga. The remaining 14 million will be used to help orphanages and family victims most affected. On Sunday, February 27, Bui was in Thailand to visit the Tsunami victims and to survey the needs of those living in hardship.

Her first stop was Phang Nga, where she surveyed landscape for permanent housing projects. The Royal Thai Police assigned the construction of 50 houses to the Border Police Headquarters in Ban Prue Tiew, Tambol Nangsu and Ampur Takuapa. Bui kicked off the building ceremony and visited with locals who greeted her with a warm welcome. Following the ceremony she gave away playground toys at the Emergency Shelter at Ban Bangmuang. Bui brought smiles to the children’s faces, as she not only gave them toys, but also played with them on the swings and slides (on the playground). She also treated the children and their families to ice cream, drinks and food, just like an angel.

Bui also used this chance to open up to thousands of people who came to welcome her at Ban Bangmuang. She told them she was very glad to be with everyone and the morning of December 25, 2004 will forever be etched in her heart sinking, crying helplessly and feeling for the Thai people. She said she could never imagine the nightmare happening to her. She thought of everyone and everyone simply became her hero. Bui promised to come back with her family to visit with everyone and to follow up on the progress.